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Two Tiny Felines Save Their Sibling

We felines are like you humans. Sometimes, we get annoyed with our siblings and will hiss and growl at them. Sometimes, we are best furiends with them. But we always care about them and when they need help, we give it to them. The story of Kaneli, Vanilla, and Chili will show you how.

Kaneli and Vanilla were suffering on a hot day. A kind human found a box under a tree, and discovered the two tiny felines. The mother of these felines never came back for them. So, this kind human took in the two tiny felines. These two were so hot they were panting from the heat. The kind human gave them formula, and within a day they were doing quite well.

This human went out to check on the feral colony one day, and they heard a high pitched meow. They discovered another tiny feline, who looked a lot like the two they had already saved. Sadly, there was another tiny feline who had left us. The mother cat had given up, and the remaining tiny feline was not going to make it without help.

Kaneli, Vanilla, and Chili Snuggling
Kaneli, Vanilla, and Chili Snuggling

After giving the latest tiny feline to join them a bath and giving him noms, the kind human put him with his sisters. They instantly hugged him, giving him reassurance, and telling him he was going to be okay. Within a day, he showed signs of recovery. It took a while for him to fully recover, but his sisters were with him every step of the way.

Now, these three felines are thriving. But they still love each other and take care of each other. The two abandoned felines helped their sibling, and it is why they are all thriving! And hearing about this happy feline family makes me very happy. It is a very happy story, furiends, and I hope it makes you happy, too!

Senior Feral Cat Meets Tiny Felines

Whenever I feel bad about being a diabetic cat, I remind myself that I have always had a human to care for me. I never had to live outside and fend for myself, and I always knew where my noms were coming from. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to worry about where my noms were coming from, or where to sleep, or whether an evil human was going to hurt me.

Mason can tell us all about that. You see, this senior feline, who is being cared for by Tiny Kittens, lived a long life out on the streets. He has many battle scars to prove it. Mason also suffers from kidney disease. Add to that a badly injured foot, and several abscessed teeth, and poor Mason is not in good shape. To help Mason, Tiny Kittens decided to bring him in so that he could enjoy the rest of his life in comfort.

Mason, of course, is grateful for the help. But he is still quite fierce! He happily plays with wand toys, but as soon as a human tries to reach in to pet him, he will hiss and swat at that human.

Senior Feral Cat Mason with his Tiny Feline Furiends
Senior Feral Cat Mason Snuggles with his Tiny Feline Furiends

But one day, the humans caring for Mason brought in some foster kittens. And soon, Mason let down his guard and showed his soft side. He became good furiends with the tiny felines, and allowed them to snuggle and play with him. Furiends, this feline who is so fierce with humans allows the kittens to cuddle up with him when they sleep!

This, furiends, is proof that even senior feral cats like Mason have a soft side. You humans may not get to see it. It may only be shown to tiny felines who need help. But it is there, in every single cat. And I am glad that Tiny Felines helped Mason show it!



Snow Bengal Gets to Keep Her Kittens

Furiends who have been following my stories for a while remember that I had a snow bengal named Marley as a sisfur. She sadly left us in the summer of 2015. Poor Marley did not have an easy life, and even when she got here she did not really like interacting with me and Jacey. But we gave her as good of a life as we could for the time she was here.

Marley lived a very good life compared to one of her fellow snow bengals. This snow bengal lived with an irresponsible breeder who only cared about how many kittens she could produce. Felicity was suffering from anxiety, fleas, tapeworms, ear mites, an upper respiratory infection, and a uterine infection when the cat rescue groupĀ Tiny Kittens rescued her.

And she was also pregnant with two kittens. All of her health problems put the lives of her kittens at risk. Fortunately for Felicity and her kittens, the white coated humans at the cat rescue stepped in to treat her. She was able to recover and soon, she gave birth to two tiny felines.

Felicity knew exactly want to do when her kittens were born. Being sick did not stop her from being a very good mother. She nursed them, cared for them, and protected them. She knew what to do because she raised so many kittens before. But this time, things turned out much better.

Felicity with Her Kittens Felix and Keiko
Felicity with Her Kittens Felix and Keiko

In the best news of all, furiends, Felicity will get to stay with her tiny felines. A kind human fell in love with the three of them. Now, the two tiny felines, Felix and Keiko, will not be taken away from Felicity like so many others. They will get to stay with their mother and live their lives together. We have a very happy cat rescue story, furiends!

I hope the kind human who is doing this knows what they are getting into. Having three bengals in the home can be a handful. Hopefully, Felicity will teach them how to behave. But only to a point. Having bengals in the home is supposed to be an adventure for you humans!

You can learn more about Felicity’s adventures with her kittens on their Facebook page.