Cat Banned from Library Gains Attention

Many of us felines do not like interacting with humans we do not know. Jacey, Koji, and I all love interacting with kind humans, but even we may not want all of the attention that one feline in Minnesota is getting.

Max is an orange tabby cat who wanders the campus of Macalester College. When Max goes through the campus, one of the places he likes to visit is the library. And that is how Max became famous.

One of the humans who works in the library is allergic to cats. And the humans running the library worried about Max possibly getting trapped in there after they closed. So they decided to put up a sign that told other humans to not let Max inside.

When other humans learned about this, they started having fun with Max’s story. One human said Max should file a “catsuit.” Other humans disagreed with the word choice, saying that Max should file a “clawsuit,” “pawsuit,” “gnawsuit,” or pursue “littergation.”

Max, of course, did not care about this. He only wanted to go into the library in peace, like he did many other buildings. Max has visited student housing buildings, the science building, and the Spanish and Portuguese department. The humans in that department said they taught Max the meaning of the word “gato.”

Max on Campus
Max On Campus

And the humans who encountered Max on campus enjoyed his company. According to his human, “Max is very gregarious. He’s a people guy. And I think he just makes people happy.”

Sadly for the humans on campus, Max won’t be able to roam and greet them for a while. You see, humans are building new facilities there, and Max’s human did not want to risk him getting hurt at a construction site. So Max is now indoors only. And he does not like it. He yowls and complains and tells his human to let him out.

They are working to get Max to walk on a leash, and then Max can begin his strolls again with human supervision.

As for the sign that started all this? After the humans in the library learned Max was staying inside, they took it down.