Lincoln’s Human Helping Tiny Feline

Lincoln’s human does so much work for felines with special needs. Poor Lincoln could only move his eyes when his human found him. But with a lot of hard work, they helped Lincoln become a happy and fully mobile feline! They continued their work with special needs felines after this, and many felines are very grateful.

Now, they are helping a tiny feline named Neo. Neo was suffering from very infected eyes, which were very painful. The white coated humans decided that too much damage had been done to those eyes for them to recover. Because they were also causing pain, they made the difficult decision to remove Neo’s eyes.

Furiends, white coated humans do not like doing this. They decided to do this because Neo was in pain and would not recover his vision. The surgery went well, and Neo went home with antibiotics to help him fight the infection that remained.

Neo’s recovery has been a difficult one. The white coated humans learned antibiotic resistant bacteria caused his infection. They changed the antibiotics, which helped him recover. But then he suffered a seizure. The white coated humans think this is because of the infection that he was fighting.

This led the white coated humans to conclude that Neo will need another surgery to go in and clean out the infection that remains. They feel this is the best way to address the medical issues Neo is fighting.

Neo Relaxing with His Furiend
Neo Relaxing with His Furiend

Despite all of this, Neo remains an upbeat and playful feline. He likes to play with other felines in the home. And despite being blind, you can find Neo climbing a cat tree to get to a comfortable spot.

Furiends, all of this treatment requires many green paper things. Neo is getting all of the care he needs, but the treatment depleted funds set aside for his care. Now, a human who helps many felines needs help!

Please contribute to help Neo get the treatment he needs. If you cannot, please share his story so that others can. And whether you contribute or not, please send this poor feline healing thoughts!

Tenth Life Receives Many Green Paper Things

Tenth Life Received Lots of Green Paper Things to Help Cats Like Canon

Furiends, Tenth Life, in St. Louis, helps a lot of my fellow felines. Their most famous alumni is a furiend of mine, Lincoln. This feline was a paralyzed ball of fur when he was found, but he recovered to become a playful and fun cat.

Recently, they participated in a giving day for their local area. And they raised many green paper things, furiends. Kind humans heard of the good work that Tenth Life does and gave generously. Thanks to kind humans in the St. Louis area, Tenth Life received $21,000 in donations.

That is a lot of green paper things, furiends! These donations mean that Tenth Life can continue to take on the cases that other cat rescue groups cannot. For example, a tiny feline named Canon got sick recently. Tenth Life rushed him to the emergency veterinarian, where the white coated humans examined him.

Tenth Life Received Lots of Green Paper Things to Help Cats Like Canon
Tenth Life Received Lots of Green Paper Things to Help Cats Like Canon

The white coated humans decided that Canon needed a lot of care and attention, and put him in intensive care. I am sure you know that this requires many green paper things. But thanks to many kind humans, Tenth Life has the resources to do things like this.

The white coated humans do not have an answer yet about what Canon needs. So this is a very tough and trying time for Canon, the white coated humans, and all of the caring humans at Tenth Life. But thanks to the generosity of kind humans, they know they can give him the care he needs.

As Tenth Life said, “times like this are awful, scary, and stressful which is why we’re so lucky to be part of such a loving, compassionate, and generous community, working together to give cats the lives they deserve.” And this is why I am so happy that kind humans gave green paper things to Tenth Life. They can continue to help give my fellow felines the lives they deserve!

Meet Sasha from Tenth Life

Tenth Life Is Looking for a Home for Sasha

It has been a while since I shared a story from Tenth Life with you. They do so much to help felines in the St. Louis area and they take on difficult cases that many cat rescue groups cannot. Their most famous alumni is my good furiend Lincoln. He is how I came to know about this cat rescue group.

They shared a story of a feline named Sasha, and I wanted to tell you more about her. Sasha, you see, had a very sad story. She clearly was part of a home, because she had been front paw declawed (THIS IS EVIL AND SHOULD NOT BE DONE) and had already been spayed. But she was found abandoned on the streets.

To make things even worse, the evil humans who dumped her after declawing her did not have the surgery done right, because complications from it were causing her pain. Imagine poor Sasha, being dumped on the street and suffering from the butchering the evil humans who were supposed to care for her inflicted on her.

Fortunately, when Tenth Life took Sasha in, they took her to the humans in white coats, where paw repair surgery was done to help Sasha regain the use of her paws. The surgery was successful, and Sasha now uses her paws to reach out to touch her humans and to demand pets.

Tenth Life Is Looking for a Home for Sasha
Tenth Life Is Looking for a Home for Sasha

Now, Sasha is looking for a good home. She is fortunate that she has come this far, thanks to the dedication of a wonderful cat rescue group and their foster volunteers. All that is needed is one last step and the cat rescue story will be complete.

Are you the one who will take sweet Sasha home? If you are, please contact Tenth Life. And if you cannot take her home, please share her story so that many humans will see it and someone will.