November 26 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I know you have probably been wondering if I have been continuing to go outside of the litter box. And, you also probably want to know if the human has continued to pick me up and put me in the box as well. I will tell you about this and my blood sugar readings for the week.

I am sure you remember the human wanted to talk to the white coated humans about me going outside the box. And he did. When he talked to the white coated humans they asked him how I felt about covered boxes. The human told them he had to uncover a box once, because Jacey always ambushed me when I came out of it.

Then, the white coated humans asked if Koji ambushed me. When the human said yes, they said we should remove the cover to the box. And furiends, that worked. Now, I do not go outside of the box anymore. The human also does not have to carry me to the box and put me in there.

I Went Back to Using the Litter Box Properly
I Went Back to Doing This Properly

This is a relief for the human, because he did not like it when I went outside the box. And while he thought it was funny to carry me to the box like I was a tiny feline, he knew it could not continue.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings. For the week, they averaged 205. This is much higher than the 171 we saw last week. The average is still okay. But the human and I did not like that we had two times where my blood sugar levels got so low that he did not give me any insulin.

The human is confused by the way Koji and I act with our noms. When he gives us a can and a half in the morning and evening, we consume all of the noms. And we complain and demand more. But when he gives us two cans each time, we leave about half a can’s worth of noms.

He does not know if this is affecting my blood sugar readings or not. But it is something to consider. I will let you know how things work out with my blood sugar readings next Monday, furiends.

Why Felines Stop Using The Litter Box

Furiends, you remember how I told you that I started going outside of the litter box a few days ago and it drove the human nuts? Well, we have reached a kind of compromise between me and the human. He carries me into the box, and sets me down in there. And then, I pee in the box. And when I do, furiends, it takes a while for me to get it all out.

But furiends, this is not something we can continue to do for a long time. The human is going to talk to the white coated humans to see if there is something happening with me.

After all, I was using that litter box for a long time without any problems. So it is unusual for me to go outside of it. And that is why the human will talk to the white coated humans.

When a Feline Stops Doing This, Talk to the White Coated Humans
When a Feline Stops Doing This, Talk to the White Coated Humans

If a feline stops using the litter box in your home, it is important for you to talk to the white coated humans. For male felines, it is even more important to do that quickly. You see, we could have a partial blockage. That means it is painful for us to urinate. Our feline brain associates the litter box with painful urination, so we stop going there.

If the white coated human finds this out and treats it, then the problem will likely go away. No more coming home to a carpet that smells like a litter box for you!

But if the white coated humans find out that we are healthy, then it is all behavioral. And that means you will have to think like a feline. What happened to get us to stop using the litter box? It can be many things, and you will have to be a good detective to figure it out. The human thinks it is because Koji ambushed me when I came out of the box, so I do not want to go in there again.

But he is not sure, because I poop in the box. In fact, I did that right when the human was typing this! So the human will have to play detective more.

Hopefully he will figure it out, so that everyone in the home will be happy.


When Felines Don’t Cover Our Poop

Furiends, many felines will cover their solid waste when they go to the litter box. But some of us do not. For example, in my home, I rarely cover my poop. Jacey sometimes does, and sometimes she does not. And Koji always covers his. That is three bengal cats in one home, all with different preferences for covering our poop.

Why is it that some of us felines cover our poop and others do not? You humans have many theories.

What Does It Mean When We Felines Do Not Cover After Doing This?
What Does It Mean When Felines Do Not Cover After Doing This?

First, there could be a medical condition that causes us to associate the litter box with pain. If that is the case, then of course we do not want to spend any more time than we have to there. But if we do not have issues peeing in the litter box, it is unlikely this is the case.

Many smart humans think the reason we do this is behavioral. Some felines never learned to cover their messes because their mothers did not show them how or they were taken from their mothers too quickly.

Another reason we may not cover our solid waste in the litter box is because we have learned there is no need to do this. We felines cover our waste outside because we do not want predators to know we are around. But inside a home with you kind humans that is not needed because there are no predators!

Other humans say we do this because we want other felines and humans to know we are around. We are saying, this is my territory and I belong here.

Whatever the reason, the human does not mind us not covering our solid waste. He says it smells no matter what. And when we do not cover our poop, it is easier for him to scoop up and flush down the toilet.

What do you think of felines not covering their poop?