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When Felines Don’t Cover Our Poop

Furiends, many felines will cover their solid waste when they go to the litter box. But some of us do not. For example, in my home, I rarely cover my poop. Jacey sometimes does, and sometimes she does not. And Koji always covers his. That is three bengal cats in one home, all with different preferences for covering our poop.

Why is it that some of us felines cover our poop and others do not? You humans have many theories.

What Does It Mean When We Felines Do Not Cover After Doing This?
What Does It Mean When Felines Do Not Cover After Doing This?

First, there could be a medical condition that causes us to associate the litter box with pain. If that is the case, then of course we do not want to spend any more time than we have to there. But if we do not have issues peeing in the litter box, it is unlikely this is the case.

Many smart humans think the reason we do this is behavioral. Some felines never learned to cover their messes because their mothers did not show them how or they were taken from their mothers too quickly.

Another reason we may not cover our solid waste in the litter box is because we have learned there is no need to do this. We felines cover our waste outside because we do not want predators to know we are around. But inside a home with you kind humans that is not needed because there are no predators!

Other humans say we do this because we want other felines and humans to know we are around. We are saying, this is my territory and I belong here.

Whatever the reason, the human does not mind us not covering our solid waste. He says it smells no matter what. And when we do not cover our poop, it is easier for him to scoop up and flush down the toilet.

What do you think of felines not covering their poop?

Don’t Make Litter Mistakes

Today, furiends, I want to talk to you about litter and the litter box. One of the most common reasons that humans surrender felines is because of litter box issues. Often, felines who have litter box issues have them due to mistakes by their humans. Make sure you are not one of these humans.

First, consider the litter itself. Do not forget that we felines have very sensitive noses, and smell things far better than you humans do. That applies to the litter you choose. We do not like strong smells, and if you use litter with this, we may not like it. That can lead to accidents. Also consider the texture of the litter. Some of us are fussy about that as well.

Clean Litter Boxes At Least Once Per Day
Clean Litter Boxes At Least Once Per Day

Our sensitive noses will require you to clean the litter box. You will need to scoop it at least once per day because we do not like litter boxes that smell like our waste. There may be litters that are advertised as being able to control odors for a week, but you should clean the litter box far more often. Remember, it is better to clean the litter box than to clean your floor!

Most Cats Like Large and Open Litter Boxes
Most Cats Like Large and Open Litter Boxes

The location of the litter box is also important. We like a little privacy, just like you humans do, when we have urinate or defecate. Make sure that you put the litter box in a quiet and private place. And be sure to choose a litter box design that we are okay with. Hooded litter boxes are nice, but sometimes, we do not like them because there is only one way in and out. Jacey used to ambush me when we had a hooded litter box, and that is why we do not have one now.

Finally, make sure you have enough litter boxes. Jacey and I share one, but many humans in white coats recommend that you have one litter box for each feline plus one. You do not have to do this if you have felines who are okay with sharing, but this is something to consider.

By doing these things, you can help prevent litter box issues. Nobody, whether feline or human, likes those!

Jacey Shares Stories On a Happy Caturday

Hi, everyone.  Today, Bagheera is relaxing.  He  says that too much work is bad for a diabetic cat, but I do not believe him.  I think he is being a lazy cat on Caturday.  It is okay.  He works hard to bring you interesting stories during the week, so I will fill in for him.  Besides, as the human and Bagheera can tell you, I love to talk!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Acting Like This on CaturdaySince Bagheera is a diabetic cat, he has to use the litter box more often than most cats do.  One of the signs of feline diabetes is using the litter box a lot, and urinating a lot when the box is used.  But even for felines like me, who are not diabetic cats, it is important to select the right litter box.  Humans need to think like a feline when they do this.  Often, the least expensive solution is the best one!

If humans do not choose the right litter box for their felines, often, the felines are surrendered due to inappropriate elimination.  For cats who have a certain fur color, this means trouble.  Sadly, even though they are loving felines, black cats have a hard time getting adopted.  But there is a Back in Black event that is looking to find these mini-panthers homes!

Finally, you will remember that my Bagheera’s good furiend Lucky was able to help save a big kindle of 11 kittens!  Two of those kittens turned out to be like Bagheera, in that they were special needs cats.  Bagheera is a diabetic cat, and one of these felines has FIV while the other has a host of medical problems.

Good News About these Two Kittens on CaturdayAs you can see from the picture, Angelique and Henry, while the battle is not over, have come a long way.  They are now in their foster home, and just like with me and Bagheera, one feline likes to ambush the other.  And the ambushed feline does not like it.

Well, that is all from me.  If I talk too much more, the human and Bagheera will tell me I talk too much.  Besides, I see Bagheera relaxing on the floor, and looking the other way.  That means it is time for a Caturday ambush!