Congrats to Cover Contest Winner Magoo

Many of you voted for me in the Modern Cat cover contest.  I didn’t want to bother everyone and ask them to vote every day, but so many of you kind humans asked that I do it.  Well, I did not win, so I will not be able to talk much about diabetic cats in the magazine.  But I am happy that a fellow special needs cat, Magoo, won the contest.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat congratulates special needs cat Magoo!

What is even better is that the top five cats are all special needs cats.  Magoo is virtually blind.  Maggie needed surgery to get eyelidsLincoln was paralyzed and recovered.  I am a diabetic cat.  And Midnight was abandoned and almost died before being rescued.

I am furiends with Maggie, Lincoln, and Midnight, and I think I am going to become good friends with Magoo.  After you learn about him, I think you will want him to become your furiend, too!

Magoo, or Goo for short, was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia like many other cats.  What made him different is that he suffers from a rare condition called microphthalmia.  Translated, this means small eye, and that’s what Goo has.  He has eyes, but they are very small and he can only see lights and shadows.  Imagine living like this for two years in the wild!

When Magoo was picked up, he was in bad shape.  He had a bad infection, and due to ulcers in his mouth, he couBagheera the Diabetic Cat congratulates special needs cat Magoo!ldn’t eat.  His tiny little eyes were oozing, and the infection was so bad that his nose was dripping blood and mucus.

Normally, a special needs cat who is sick like this at a shelter is doomed.  But a kind human saw through all of this, and saw the love that Goo had to give.  So she adopted him, treated his infection, and now Goo is a happy and loving cat who I am glad is the winner of the Modern Cat cover contest.

Whether they are diabetic cats like me, or other special needs cats like Goo, all we need is a chance with the right human.  There is nothing wrong with our heart or our ability to work our way into yours.  It’s the last day of adopt a shelter cat month.  Can you be a hero human and adopt a special needs shelter cat?