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Michigan Cat Rescue Helps Abused Cat

Hearing about abused felines makes me very angry. There is no reason to abuse a feline. We must lock up humans who abuse felines in a cage for a long time. And the human needs to work on making it so that my larger feline cousins can bite and swat the evil humans who abuse animals.

Michigan Cat Rescue is helping a feline who was abused. His name is Mr. Fuzzypants. An evil human kicked Mr. Fuzzypants multiple times and inflicted puncture wounds on him. Furiends, the evil human who did this to Mr. Fuzzypants clearly wanted to kill him. They must be caught and punished!

Mr. Fuzzypants Received Emergency Surgery to Help Him
Mr. Fuzzypants Received Emergency Surgery to Help Him

Michigan Cat Rescue took Mr. Fuzzypants to the humans in white coats, and they quickly prepared him for emergency surgery. The abuse he endured put his life at risk, furiends.

Despite all of this, Mr. Fuzzypants trusts and likes the humans at Michigan Cat Rescue. He is happy they are helping him and grateful that someone cares enough to treat his injuries. Mr. Fuzzypants knows someone cares about him, and this fills him with gratitude.

You know that Michigan Cat Rescue will do whatever it takes to help Mr. Fuzzypants recover and get a chance to thrive. No longer will this feline have to endure being kicked and abused. Every feline deserves a chance to thrive, and Mr. Fuzzypants will get his.

Furiends, all of this treatment will require many green paper things. Michigan Cat Rescue is asking for help. Please send green paper things to them if you can. And if you cannot, please share their story so that others can.

Mr. Fuzzypants also needs healing thoughts. Send those along to him. I hope he recovers quickly and goes to a home where he can thrive soon.

Michigan Cat Rescue Finds Two Felines A Home

It is always a good day when a feline goes home. For two felines helped by Michigan Cat Rescue, this was especially true.

These felines, Autumn Breeze and Miss Macintosh, were tiny felines living on the streets of Detroit. They and their littermates were in danger. There were many canines and other predators around. And sadly, around where these felines were living, there are many cruel humans who like to abuse felines.

We need to lock up humans who abuse felines or canines in a cage for a long time. I would like it better if that cage was taken to a place where my larger feline cousins could swat and bite the evil humans for as long as they like. I keep asking the human if we can do this but he says we cannot.

Autumn Breeze and Miss Macintosh Were Adopted
Autumn Breeze and Miss Macintosh Getting Ready to Go Home

Fortunately, Michigan Cat Rescue took in these felines. These tiny felines needed special care until they grew enough to get adopted. Autumn Breeze and Miss Macintosh traveled to a cat adoption event. Here, two humans decided that they had to have these tiny felines. They talked to the humans from Michigan Cat Rescue, and then they went to their furever home.

It is no surprise these felines found homes at the adoption event. You see, their foster human said they are very sweet, and love interacting with each other and humans. You humans love it when felines act that way.

Now, these two littermates get to thrive together. They will enjoy living with humans who love them. And I am sure they are very happy they do not have to fend for themselves on the street.

Furiends, I love happy cat adoption stories like this one. But do you know who loves them even more? The humans who adopt these felines, because they get to enjoy spending time with their four legged furiend every day!

Michigan Cat Rescue’s Penelope Doing Better

Furiends, you remember how I shared the story of Penelope with you a little while ago. This feline, if you remember, was taken back to Michigan Cat Rescue because the cruel human who adopted her bought a new RV. That cruel human said they didn’t want Penelope to possibly ruin the sofa in it. Michigan Cat Rescue needed more information so they could treat Penelope. The cruel human who abandoned her told them not to contact them again.

Furiends, hopefully, the RV becomes infested with fleas, bed bugs, and other things that cause that cruel human pain. And I hope the cruel human who thought a stupid sofa is more important than a feline spends many days scratching many bites!

Penelope Recovering at Michigan Cat Rescue
Penelope Recovering at Michigan Cat Rescue

Many kind humans gave Michigan Cat Rescue green paper things. Because they did, Penelope received the care she needed from the humans in white coats. The white coated humans examined her, tested her blood, gave her x-rays and ultrasounds, and hospitalized her.

It took a while for the white coated humans to see what was bothering Penelope. They learned this poor feline was suffering from irritable bowel disease. And that is why she did not nom and was very weak and underweight. Furiends, the evil human who cared more about a sofa than a feline did not even bother to get this checked.

Michigan Cat Rescue’s efforts mean that Penelope will recover and she will soon be available for adoption. That means she will be able to go to a home with humans who understand a feline means more than a sofa!

We still need to send this poor girl healing thoughts. Penelope still needs a few more weeks to recover. But when she does, she will go to a home where they understand a feline is more important than a sofa. I am glad she got that chance, furiends.