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Michigan Cat Rescue Seeking Home for Fannie

I have shared many stories with you about Michigan Cat Rescue. This organization runs with volunteers only and they do a lot of good for so many felines. One feline they helped, named Fannie, needs a home.

Fannie received her unusual name from how she was found. Fannie did what many felines do. She went into a car engine to keep warm. The human who owned the car heard her cries, and they immediately looked for help. Many humans worked very hard to free Fannie.

Michigan Cat Rescue Is Seeking a Home for Fannie
Michigan Cat Rescue Is Seeking a Home for Fannie

Fannie suffered injuries because of her ordeal, and she lost an eye. After recovering, Fannie got adopted. She was enjoying her home with a kind human, but that human suffered a stroke and left us. Now, Michigan Cat Rescue is looking for a home for her once again.

Fannie is a very sweet and friendly cat. One of the humans at Michigan Cat Rescue said that she is a lap cat and “she likes to sit and look out of a window. She is quiet and gentle and loves to be around people.”

Michigan Cat Rescue hopes that Fannie will find a home soon. This kind feline deserves one after all she has been through. She suffered before finding a good home, and then when she found one, the human who took her in left her. Hopefully, she will find a home where she will be able to live the rest of her life happily.

Can you help Michigan Cat Rescue find Fannie that furever home that she needs and deserves? If you can, please contact them and tell them you want to adopt her. And if you cannot, please share her story. Hopefully, we will be able to find a home for this sweet feline soon. That would make her happy and I would be happy for her, too!

Help Daisy Mae Find a Home

Many humans adopt or purchase felines, but then give us up for silly reasons. I do not like these humans. When a human brings a feline into their home, it should be for life. An accident or a slightly messed up piece of furniture should not be a reason to give up a feline. Sadly, too many humans do not understand this.

Daisy Mae was surrendered because her humans were moving. This pretty two year old was happy with her humans and did not want to go. Now, sometimes, humans move into a place where they cannot have a feline. I would tell those humans to find another place to live! Not having felines in a home is just no fun!

Pretty Daisy Mae is Looking for a Home
Pretty Daisy Mae is Looking for a Home

But these humans could have kept Daisy Mae in their new home. They decided to surrender her because they decided that not having cat fur in their home was more important than keeping their promise to this pretty girl.

When I heard about this, I got very angry. You humans have many tools to clean up any cat fur. And the humans there, if their actions with Daisy Mae are any indication, will do far worse to that home than anything she could do.

But Michigan Cat Rescue came along and helped Daisy Mae. She is now in a foster home, and her foster human says that she is very kind. She is very friendly and sociable, and does not mind being around other felines. In addition, Daisy Mae has all of her shots and is FIV and FeLV negative. Daisy Mae is a wonderful feline!

Daisy Mae should go to a home where she will be loved no matter what. Can you give her that home? If you can, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue to let them know. And if you cannot, please share her story so that someone else can.

Let’s help this pretty feline find the home she deserves!

Michigan Cat Rescue Needs a Home for Heidi

Furiends, when a feline goes home from an organization like Michigan Cat Rescue, it is supposed to be for the rest of their life. Sometimes, things happen. Humans move to places where they cannot have felines. Or they enter a situation where they do not have enough green paper things to properly care for a feline. And this is why places like Michigan Cat Rescue take felines back.

When this happens, it is sad. But it does not make me angry and want to swat at the humans who did this. Poor Heidi’s story makes me want to swat and bite the ungrateful human who returned her.

Michigan Cat Rescue Is Trying to Find Heidi a Home
Michigan Cat Rescue Is Trying to Find Heidi a Home

Heidi, you see, was returned because the human who adopted her decided they did not like felines. And her reason for doing this is ridiculous. This ungrateful human said that Heidi was too affectionate and that it was “annoying!”

I will tell you what is annoying, furiends. It is annoying when a human says that a feline being affectionate with them bothers them. Humans who say foolish things like that deserve many swats and they are unworthy of felines like Heidi.

In addition to returning Heidi to Michigan Cat Rescue, the human who she lived with did not properly care for her. Heidi needs to have oral surgery. She has a rotten tooth and a broken tooth. Because of this, Heidi is not nomming like she should be.

Please go to Michigan Cat Rescue’s page and send Heidi healing thoughts. You can also give them green paper things if you want to help this poor feline with her surgery.

And share her story, furiends. After her she recovers from her surgery, Michigan Cat Rescue will be looking to find her a home. Hopefully when she goes home this time, Heidi will go to a home where the human realizes an affectionate cat is a good one!