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Help Daisy Mae Find a Home

Many humans adopt or purchase felines, but then give us up for silly reasons. I do not like these humans. When a human brings a feline into their home, it should be for life. An accident or a slightly messed up piece of furniture should not be a reason to give up a feline. Sadly, too many humans do not understand this. Daisy Mae was surrendered because her humans were moving. This pretty two year old was happy with her humans and did not want to go. Now, sometimes, humans move into a place where Read more [...]

Michigan Cat Rescue Needs a Home for Heidi

Furiends, when a feline goes home from an organization like Michigan Cat Rescue, it is supposed to be for the rest of their life. Sometimes, things happen. Humans move to places where they cannot have felines. Or they enter a situation where they do not have enough green paper things to properly care for a feline. And this is why places like Michigan Cat Rescue take felines back. When this happens, it is sad. But it does not make me angry and want to swat at the humans who did this. Poor Heidi's Read more [...]

Michigan Cat Rescue Seeking Home for Apollo

Michigan Cat Rescue shows how a small rescue group can do a lot of good. They have a feline named Apollo who is looking for a home. Apollo has been through a lot, furiends. First, he lost his human when they had to go to a nursing home. They could not take Apollo with them. This meant poor Apollo ended up at a shelter. When Apollo was in the shelter, he became very sick. His eye became very badly infected, and he had to go to the humans in white coats many times. The white coated humans eventually Read more [...]