Lucky Has a New Furiend For You to Meet

Can you help Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's furiend Lucky find a home for his furiend?

Hello, everyone.  One of the cats I have enjoyed sharing with you the most is my ginger buddy Lucky.  As I have said before, being a diabetic cat is challenging, but I am reassured by having a human who loves me and takes care of me.  Lucky started his life without that, and an evil human tortured him.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's furiend LuckyLucky has now recovered, and here you can see a video of how far he has come.  And Lucky is being such a kind feline and helping other felines who need help.  Today, I want to share another one of Lucky’s furiends who is looking for a home.  He is a kitten that the Homeless Animals Rescue Team is helping.

You will remember Eric, Lucky’s furiend who couldn’t fight off an upper respiratory infection for a third time.  Rescued from the same barn was a kitten named Peter.  We do not know if Peter and Eric were litter mates, or brothers due to fate.  Peter had the same upper respiratory infection, but it attacked him in a different way.

While the infection took Eric’s life, Peter survived but was injured by it.  One of his eyes was scarred by the infection.  He will not be able to see out of the eye.  Time will tell if it needs to be removed or if Peter will be able to keep the eye without seeing out of it. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat hopes you can help Peter

Other than being blind in one eye, Peter is in good health.  He’s a happy, playful, and sweet kitten who needs a human that will understand that there will be challenges due to Peter’s lack of vision in one eye.  So Peter will always be a special needs cat like me.  The kind human who adopts Peter will not have to give injections and ear sticks like my human does since I’m a diabetic cat.

Many of you have said that I have inspired you to seek out a special needs cat the next time you adopt.  If there is room in your home for Peter, wouldn’t it be nice to have a special needs cat that doesn’t require too much effort?