Sad Meows As Chloe Leaves Us Due to Cancer

I do not like to share sad news but today I feel that I must.  I shared the story of Chloe, who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and whose human was looking to raise green paper things in order to help treat this disease.  As it turns out, the humans in white coats did not get the diagnosis right.

Chloe Left Us Due to Feline CancerInstead of suffering from hyperthyroidism, which could be treated, Chloe had feline cancer.  And the cancer was a very aggressive one.  Chloe had contracted squamous cell carcinoma, and every single day, her human could see that the mass was growing.  That meant her diagnosis went from one where a radiation treatment and some time with the humans in white coats would likely cure her condition to one where Chloe was going to cross the rainbow bridge.

We felines know when our time is short.  Chloe may not have understood that she had feline cancer, but she knew she didn’t have much time left.  And her human wanted to spend as much time with Chloe as possible.  Chloe would try to wander away, but her human would come and get her.

As long as this is done with love, it is okay.  It is clear that Chloe’s human loved her.  Her human wrote “Chloe is the brave one. She always has been. She is wise and wild and unique. She’s a fierce tiger kitty with huge and expressive eyes, a talkative meow, and the best growlie.”Feline Cancer Took Chloe but She Went Surrounded With Love

It is very sad that Chloe had to go but she was able to go surrounded by love and in the arms of the human that loved her and who she loved.  Chloe called out to her human, and let her human hold her until it was time to go.  And when it was time, she left us, but her last memory here will be of her human holding her and showing her love to the end.

Chloe may not be with us anymore, but her memory will live on in her human’s heart.  I often say that there is nothing wrong with the hearts of us special needs felines.  Chloe did not become a special needs cat until she was close to the end.  But clearly, feline cancer did not take away her ability to show love to her human.

I am sad that she is gone but I am very happy that she was able to go surrounded with love and returning that love to her human.

Clyde Gets to Enjoy Being Bathed in Love

It would be easy for me to feel sorry for myself because I am a diabetic cat.  But then I hear a story like that of Clyde, who didn’t have a human to take care of him for a long time.  Then I realize, I do have a disease, but it is under control, and I have a human who loves me.  Things are not so bad.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Sad Clyde Has Left UsClyde was a neglected cat for far too long.  But his path crossed with a very kind human, who scooped him up in a pouring rain storm and took him to the vet, with both feline and human soaked to the bone.  The prognosis was not good.  Clyde was a senior cat, and his teeth had all either rotted away or been damaged due to being neglected.  He also was FIV positive, had high blood pressure, and a heart condition called cardiomyopathy.

He was sick, and the time he had left was limited.  But the wonderful human who scooped him up on that rainy day committed to taking care of him and making sure he was given the love every feline deserves for the rest of his days.  She built an enclosure for Clyde, and introduced him to another special needs cat who was also FIV positive, OliveBagheera the Diabetic Cat hopes you think of Clyde when you see firefliesr.

Clyde finally got to enjoy being taken care of by a human properly.  And he responded by giving lots of love to not only his feline furiend Oliver, but his humans.  He went on walks in the yard, enjoyed rolling the leaves, sniffing the grass, and most of all, watching the fireflies.  Clyde loved to walk with the fireflies.  He said watching them made him feel not like the old sick cat that he was, but like a young, healthy cat again and that he knew that when it was time to go, the fireflies would lead the way.

Yesterday, Clyde had to go.  His body was shutting down, and his humans had to carry out the one last act of love that humans show felines.  They had to take him to the place with white coated humans one last time so that Clyde could get the help he needed to go to his final rest.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wishes Clyde Had one More Chance to Do ThisClyde went peacefully and surrounded in love.  He was looking at his human right in the eye, letting her know it was okay.  He had his stuffed firefly with him, as well as the tiger striped blanket that his human made for him.  These were some of his favorite things.  His human will have these cremated with Clyde, so that they will be with him forever.

I wish that Clyde had more time to spend with the humans who loved him and took good care of him.  But that was not to be.  We can all take a lesson from Clyde, though.  We can all learn to love others, be they felines or humans, who have special needs.  And we can let others into our hearts even though we know there will be sadness when they leave us.

Don’t give up on a special needs cat, whether it’s one like Clyde, or a diabetic cat like me.  And when you see a firefly, think of Clyde.  He’ll appreciate it and that way, he’ll always be with us.