Make Sure You Get Felines Fixed

This Feline Was Not Happy After Being Fixed

Furiends, it is time for me to talk to you about something that is not fun for me. It is time for me to talk to you about getting the felines you live with fixed. I remember when that was done to me. The human took me to the white coated humans, and left me there overnight.

When it was time for the surgery, the white coated humans gave me a shot to make me sleepy. Then they used a mask to help me sleep. After I fell asleep, they made an incision in my scrotum, and then removed the testicles. The deed was done at that point, and they cleaned me up and let me recover.

This Feline Was Not Happy After Being Fixed
This Feline Was Not Happy After Being Fixed

I did not like this, furiends. I knew what had been taken away from me, and knew where the human’s equivalent were. So what I did is wait until he was asleep, and then I hopped on his!

Jacey told me that the procedure is much more involved for her. She told me that I should not complain.

Regardless of whether we felines complain about it or not, we need to be spayed or neutered. It has many benefits for both feline and human. First, it reduces the odds of us marking. We also are less aggressive after we get spayed or neutered. And for female cats like Jacey, it keeps them from going into heat and attracting all the male cats in the area.

The most important benefit of getting cats fixed, however, is that there will be fewer unwanted kittens. This means that shelters, which are crowded, will not have to deal with more felines. Sadly, some of those felines will not be able to thrive because there is simply no space for them.

This does not mean that it is fun for us felines to get fixed. We do not like it, but it is necessary for both our health and the welfare of the feline species in general.

Recent Mother Callie Seeking Home

Callie is Looking for a Home

Furiends, it is very important to have your felines spayed or neutered. I did not like it when the human took me to have the operation, and I expressed my displeasure with this when I hopped the human’s version of what had been taken away from me. But it was better for both me and the human to have this done.

Callie is Looking for a Home
Callie is Looking for a Home

You see, if this is not done, you end up with a situation like Callie’s. Callie was not far from being a tiny feline herself, and she was found in a bush with seven tiny felines to raise. Fortunately, a cat rescue group was able to take Callie and her tiny felines in. Now that Eden Animal Haven in Brighton, Missouri has found homes for Callie’s tiny felines, it is time for her to go to a home herself.

Callie is very sweet and kind to humans. She loves to be pet and enjoys cuddling with the kind humans at the cat rescue. An easy going girl with a kind disposition, she gets along with other felines and even tolerates canines and their sloppy wet tongues!

Callie's Kittens Were Adopted and Now She Needs a Home
Callie’s Kittens Were Adopted and Now She Needs a Home

This sweet girl uses the litter box without any problems, and is ready to give up her former outdoor life for one where she remains indoors and doesn’t have to deal with all the risks outdoor cats must. She has also been spayed and is up to date on her shots and tested negative for FeLV and parasites.

Do not worry about Callie not understanding how things work when a feline lives with a human. After raising her kittens, she lived in a human home so that she got socialized and used to living with humans. Callie knows exactly how to deal with the quirks of living with you two legged creatures.

If you are interested in adopting Callie, you can contact Eden Animal Haven and arrange to visit the cat rescue to see Callie for yourself. And if you are not able to do this, please share her story so that she can find a home.

Make Sure You Fix Your Felines

Felines at Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Both Jacey and I are fixed. We did not believe anything was broken about us before we went to the humans in white coats to have that done, but it needed to be done. I did not like having the surgery done to me, and I let the human know that I knew what had been taken away from me. I jumped on the bed and landed on his version of what had been taken away from me to show him I was not happy.

But as annoying as it was to lose those, it is important to spay and neuter your felines. One cat rescue group is reminding humans in its area that this is necessary. There are too many litters of kittens who do not have homes, and humans must be responsible by taking advantage of spay and neuter programs to prevent this.

Felines at Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary
Felines at Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary says that it is important to do this even though it is winter. The days where litters were born mostly in the spring are over, according to them, due to the warmer winters we are seeing in much of the world.

Even though it is winter, the kind humans at this cat rescue group have already had a pregnant cat brought in. When you consider that they already are caring for 80 cats and they have a waiting list for other felines who humans want to surrender, this is very concerning.

“We are so desperate for people to come and rehome these cats,” one of the humans at Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary said.

Sadly. some humans think that it is good for a female feline to have kittens before she is spayed. This is not true. Jacey has not had any kittens and I can assure you she is a happy cat. And if she did have kittens, then these felines would have to find homes.

Please spay and neuter your felines and tell everyone they should do this.