African Jungle Cat Hybrid Simba Needs Help

Remember how I told you the story of Simba, who is 75 percent African jungle cat?  He still needs our help.  Diabetic cats like me require a little extra attention, but we are domestic cats and we do not act like early generation hybrids like Simba do.

The proof of this occurred when Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue, where Simba is receiving lots of love, had a surprise visit due to completely false reports of animal neglect.  Because of the report, the local animal control officials had to visit Spots and Stripes and examine all of the animals.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Says Leave Exotics in the Zoo!The result was Simba acting like this, even after the human he didn’t know left.  And this was towards the human who is taking care of him, who he had started to trust.  He was in full defensive mode, refusing to eat, and extremely upset.

Spots and Stripes is seeking donations to pay for an enclosure for Simba.  For a few more days, any donations for the enclosure will be matched.  The enclosure will cost $1,850, and it will allow Simba to have a home where he can enjoy himself and where Spots and Stripes can continue to work with him.

Now, you may think, an enclosure?  How cruel for such a beautiful creature.  That’s not true.  The enclosure is really the only way that Simba will be able to live with Spots and Stripes because he is so much larger than the other cats that he can do some serious damage.  I am a large cat.  One of the reasons I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat is because I dropped down to 12 pounds.  I am now up to 18 pounds.  But Simba dwarfs even me! Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad to See Simba in a Better Mood

This is Simba in a better mood.  Would you like to see him in this mood all the time?  You can help do this by donating for his enclosure.  Whether it’s $1, $10, or $100, your donation will help Simba have a happier life.

Can you show Simba just a little of the love you’ve shown this diabetic cat?  Please donate if you can.  If you can’t donate, please share this so that others can.

A Sad Bengal Cat Story With a Happy Ending

Hello, my furiends.  Some of you may be familiar with the organization Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue.  They do a great job of helping place Bengal cats like me with loving humans.  Their motto is that no Bengal should be unwanted, unloved or alone.

Mischka was taken in by Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat RescueKay is the human who runs Spots and Stripes  She took in a pregnant cat named Mischka on March 10th and she said she was excited to see what Mischka’s kittens would look like.  She was planning on helping Mischka nurse her tiny little kittens to a point where they could be adopted, just like she has done so many times.  One quick visit to the Spots and Stripes Facebook page will show you this.

Unfortunately, things got very bad very quickly.  On March 13th, just three days after Kay took in Mischka, she started to bleed out of her vagina and anus.  One of these would have been a bad sign, but both combined meant that Mischka needed emergency help.

The next day, Mischka was back home.  It looked like things were getting better.  She was being given fluids every few hours, and she was on a bland food diet.  The veterinarian though she had colitis, which causes blood and mucus in the stool and which was brought on by the stress of pregnancy and of being sent to a new place.  But it looked better, and the three babies were seen on an ultrasound and they all had heartbeats.

On the 16th, Mischka had to go to the veterinarian again.  They needed to do an emergency c-section to see if there were any live babies, but Mischka was just too sick to risk losing her even if it meant putting the babies at risk.  After the veterinarian opened up Mischka, they discovered that she had two litters, one of which was all stillborn.  The stillborn fetuses were what was making Mischka sick.Poor Mischka the Bengal Cat is Sick

Mischka needed to stay with the veterinarian because of her sickness.  And it was only on the 18th than she was finally eating and drinking on her own.  Her blood pressure was stabilized, and the veterinarian said she could go home after the bill was paid.  It wasn’t cheap.

After making $800 in payments, Spots and Stripes owed $1,792.  This is money that Kay did not have because of the costs of treating another pregnant cat who didn’t make it and for the purchase of a rescue vehicle.

When I originally wrote this, my fellow bengal was going to be held at the veterinarian until Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue could pay the bill.  But thanks to a bunch of very kind humans, Mischka is on her way back home with Kay.

However, as you can imagine, funds are depleted and Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue needs to replenish them.  Can you help by donating even a tiny amount?

If you can’t, please share this story.

Purrs, head bonks, and friendly paw taps to all of you.