A Very Kind Human Makes Me Happy

My human is around today, so that means he can let me outside.  Jacey and I still insist that since it says no unattended dogs are allowed on the balcony, and not cats, we should be able to go outside any time we want.  But then he reminded me that since I’m a diabetic cat, he controls the needles and ear sticks and if I make him angry, they might hurt a little more than normal

Well, that argument won.  I do not like the ear sticks or insulin shots I need as a diabetic cat to begin with, and if he makes them hurt more, I will like them even less.  I still love my human and think he is kind to me, Jacey, and our foster guest.

There is anotheBagheera the Diabetic Cat loves Cats Protectionr human who is kind to my fellow felines.  My human tells me he lives a very long way away from me.  I remember getting on a long plane ride when we moved here.  My human told me that to get to the place where this human lives, we would have to do that plane ride, and then get on another plane where the ride is twice as long!  He is in a place called Harrogate in the United Kingdom.  And I wrote about how he was helping the local Cats Protection branch raise money.

Recently, he and his wife came across a cat who was in bad shape.  She was underweight, had cysts on both eyes, and looked very unhealthy.  They took my fellow feline to the veterinarian, and ran up a bill of 175 pounds which they paid out of their own pocket.  They asked for help to raise funds to cover the costs of treating this poor cat.

The human who was responsible for the cat stepped forward, and she was taken to another human wearing a white coat for treatment.  And this wonderful human couple wanted to give the money they raised to help with the bills for the cat.

But they have been unable to get in touch with the human who is resBagheera the Diabetic Cat loves Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescueponsible for the cat, so they have decided they will donate the money to Cats Protection Harrogate.

That’s very kind, but this is what makes them very special.

They want to donate some of the money to a charity that I choose.  How kind is that?  So since my human already gives to the San Diego Humane Society, I want to give to a rescue group that helps my fellow bengals.  I have asked this kind human to donate the money to Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue.

I love sharing stories like these.  As a diabetic cat and a special needs cat, I love seeing humans take care of my fellow felines with special needs.