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Cat Joins Nursing Home Staff

We felines are very good at letting you humans know what we want. Sometimes, we do this by talking. Other times, we will tap you with our paws. And sometimes, we do this by just walking on in and doing what we want ourselves. That is exactly what one feline, who is named Oreo, did one day. She wandered into a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio, and decided that she was going to join the staff. Oreo showed up on the grounds of the St. Augustine Health Ministries facility one day. She wandered on Read more [...]

Cat Escapes Shelter to Go Home

When the human adopted me, he tried to put me into a cardboard box. I promptly escaped, and he had to get a carrier to take me home. But that escape by me as an eight week old kitten was nothing compared to what one cat did to return to his family. A stray cat was found by a family's canine, and the humans decided they would start to feed the feline. Every night for a full month, these humans fed the cat. Eventually, they decided that they would take the cat to a cat rescue facility because Read more [...]