A Relaxing Sunday for a Diabetic Cat

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey Relax on the Balcony

It is the day that some of you humans call Sunday Funday, and Jacey and I are certainly trying to make it live up to that name.  I have endured the extra testing in addition to my normal insulin shots that come when my human is around a lot.  But that is what we diabetic cats have to deal with.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey Relax on the BalconyRemember when I told you that Jacey and I were banished from the balcony because of some mourning dove hatchlings?  Well, we are making up for lost time.  Jacey has learned that she is not supposed to go outside of the railing and that if she does go outside of there, she and I will be banished from the balcony.  So we behave now.  We like to relax on there, and watch the birds go by.  The mourning dove couple that laid the eggs on our balcony has not come back, but we can hear them.

And you know the big news in this diabetic cat’s recent life.  We have a temporary guest who we are hoping to find a furever home for.  I told you that she is starting to come out of hiding more and more.  Well, last night, she came out and ate some noms and drank some water.  This is good news. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Visitor Marley

She is still nervous around our human.  She doesn’t know him like Jacey and I do.  She doesn’t know that he really wants to take care of her and make her as comfortable and happy as possible until she gets a furever home.

Last night was the first night that she did not go back under the bed when she saw our human.  She saw him, and was a little wary, but she continued to eat.  Then she walked away for a bit, and came back and drank.

If our human isn’t careful, Jacey and I will become furiends with this girl and then he will have no choice but to keep her!


Definitely a Sunday Funday

Hello, everypawdy!  It’s definitely a nice Sunday and this diabetic cat is enjoying it.  You humans sometimes call it Sunday Funday.  Well, I am definitely having fun today.

My human is starting to trust me and Jacey more and more on the balcony.  He is keeping an eye out on us right now while he types this.  One of the reasons is because Jacey listens when he says to get down, so he doesn’t worry as much.  It’s kind of awkward for him to grab her when she goes on the outside of the railing.  She has a much wider area to work with than when she is on top of the doorway, but he still worries.  He doesn’t want her to become a victim of high rise syndrome.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey are soaking up the sunHe isn’t worried about me, because I just plop down on the balcony floor, and work on my fur tan.  And right now, he is not worried about Jacey because she is doing this.

Now, Jacey is typically not one to relax.  She is a bengal cat just like me, and we are known for being intelligent and very active.  But even she needs to relax and enjoy a nap sometimes.

And on a gorgeous day like today, it’s a good day for us to be lazy cats and enjoy the sun.

I am taking advantage of it too, working on my fur tan.  The sun definitely feels good today, and I learned that even you humans can benefit from it.  So I am going to make my human come out and join Jacey and this diabetic cat.

I hope you humans have a good rest of the day and that it is sunny and warm for you as well so that you can work on your human tans.  It must be easier since you don’t have fur to worry about.