A Lazy Sunday

Relaxing on the bed

Today has been just a lazy Sunday.  Jacey and I spent the day relaxing on the balcony, soaking up the Southern California sun.  Then we went over to our human’s bed and decided to lay down on it.  So much for him getting to use it, ha ha ha!Relaxing on the bed

My blood sugars were okay.  Last night, it was 238. This morning, it came in at 296.  So both of those are below that bad 300 number, even though the morning’s number was higher than we like.

I got five units of Levemir both last night and this morning.  We will see how my blood sugar is tonight, but we haven’t really had any real bad spikes or crashes.

So while it’s still fluctuating, and still higher than we’d like, it’s at a level where we can live with it.