Batgirl’s Sisfur Monkey Recovering

Batgirl is an inspiring feline, furiends. She was born blind and should have died many times. But she fought through her difficult medical challenges, and now is living a happy and fun life with her human.

Batgirl’s human works very hard to help special needs felines. Recently, a feline named Monkey arrived in the home. And poor Monkey had a problem. Most felines, just like you humans, have organs located and attached in specific spots. Poor Monkey did not.

Monkey needed extensive surgery from the white coated humans so she could thrive. First, the white coated humans attached Monkey’s bladder to her body wall. After they did that, they detached her spleen, which had become attached improperly, and put it where it was supposed to go. Finally, the white coated humans secured everything in place with mesh.

Furiends, I get tired just describing what the white coated humans did to Monkey. Can you imagine having to endure all of that work? Monkey, fortunately, is a feisty and tough cat. She needed to be one in order to get this far!

Monkey spent a night at the white coated humans, and she got a lot of pain medication. That should not surprise you, furiends, because all of that rearranging her organs is painful. And the pain medications helped a lot. Monkey impressed the white coated humans by recovering so well she went home after just one day!

Monkey Relaxing at Home
Monkey Relaxing At Home

Now, Monkey still must recover, and that means she must endure the cone of shame. She is also wearing a body sock, which you know makes her annoyed. But she needs to wear these things so her recovery moves along more quickly.

And her human must watch her closely for a while. You see, while she needed the mesh to hold her organs in place, mesh has risks. Her human must watch to make sure the mesh is holding properly.

Monkey’s surgery and recovery will be challenging. But she has endured a lot, and showed her fighting spirit already. I am sure she will recover and live a long and happy life. And that, furiends, is the most important thing.

Tulip’s Surgery Successfully Completed

Even though I have never sniffed noses with him, Lucky is one of my good furiends. You remember that I told you about Tulip, who was being helped by the same organization that took care of Lucky. Well, furiends, thanks to many kind humans like you, HART had the green paper things they needed to help her. And they took her to the humans in white coats for surgery.

Image may contain: cat
Tulip Recovering After Surgery

You see, a polyp growing in Tulip’s ear and throat made it difficult for her to breathe. She needed surgery right away to fix this. When Tulip went to the white coated humans, they discovered more polyps. One of the polyps had grown into her brain. That scared even the white coated humans!

The white coated humans immediately went to work, and they removed the polyps from Tulip. Fortunately, the surgery succeeded, and now Tulip is breathing easier. I think you can say that HART and the white coated humans are doing the same.

Now, furiends, Tulip is not out of the woods yet. She may be able to breath easier, but she still is recovering from the problems the polyps caused in her brain. Tulip does not move around as nimbly as we felines should, but she is doing much better. She runs around, plays, and acts like a kitten her age should.

The only sign what she was going through before the surgery is unevenly dilate pupils. But the white coated humans think this will go away with time, and she will be able to live a perfectly normal life.

Furiends, I am so happy Tulip got treated by the white coated humans. But this is only because of many kind humans helping. Do not ever think that what you can give is too small of an amount. When many humans give just a few green paper things, felines like Tulip get a chance to thrive!

Dexter Needs Our Healing Thoughts

Dexter The Therapy Cat In His Yard

Furiends, one of the felines I have shared with you is Dexter the Therapy Cat. Therapy cats like Dexter have to do things that most cats cannot. They have to let humans they do not know handle them, pet them, and hold them. And they cannot swat these humans or bite them to tell them to stop. This is something that Jacey, Koji, and I would not be able to do.

But when therapy cats like Dexter work with humans, it is wonderful. They help humans who are not feeling well feel better. And they help small humans learn to read. That is why felines like Dexter are good ambassadors for our species.

Recently, Dexter needed some therapy of his own. He had to go to the humans in white coats because he was not feeling well. When he went there, they removed many of his teeth, did an biopsy on some growths they found, and did some other tests. Dexter’s humans were worried that he might have cancer.

Fortunately for Dexter, the biopsy on the growth revealed it was not cancer. It was just an inflammation from maybe the teeth that needed to be removed, or something similar. He will have a recheck to see how he is healing and hopefully the humans in white coats will be able to address whatever caused the growth.

Dexter The Therapy Cat In His Yard
Dexter The Therapy Cat In His Yard

His recovery is going well. He is at home, recovering nicely, and his humans even took him for a walk in his harness for a while. He likes to do this and he enjoys exploring and wandering around the yard.

The one thing that Dexter is not happy about is that he cannot have any dry noms right now. You see, because his mouth needs to recover, he needs to have wet noms only. He mostly eats wet noms but he still wants his crunchies. I know how Dexter feels! I still miss the dry noms even though I like eating the wet noms.

But the best thing is that this therapy cat will soon be ready to resume meeting with humans that can use the happiness felines can bring. And that makes me glad for Dexter!