Happy My Human is Around, But…

Today is one of the days where my human is around a lot.  Both Jacey and I love him, but there are some things that he does that drive us nuts.  Jacey likes to open drawers and cabinets, and when he is not around to tell her no, she does it as she pleases.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat sees Jacey do this a lotBut when he is here, he will tell her to stop, and she does.  She doesn’t like it, but she does it out of respect for him.

And for a diabetic cat, when the human is around, it means lots of ear sticks.  This is so he can get a better feel for what my blood sugar is doing.  I got an ear stick first thing in the morning with my morning food and before my morning shot, but that is something I expect.

Then my human went back to sleep for a while, so I was left alone and wandered around the house.  It has been relatively cool, so my human opened the window and I sat by it so I could smell the outside air and watch what was going on.

He woke up, and used that noisy machine that makes some kind of brown liquid from these beans that it grinds.  I do not like that machine because it is noisy, but I tolerate it because my human tells me he needs it.  And just when my annoyance from that loud machine went away, he gave me another ear stick.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's human helps grow food like thisWell, then the human went to volunteer at an urban farm, and he came back smelling bad.  Jacey and I do like to smell the neighborhood on him, but not like that.  He did bring some noms back, but he told us that they are for humans, not us felines.  At least he let us out on the balcony so we could nibble on the catnip, but guess what I got?  Another ear stick.

Such is the dilemma of a diabetic cat.  Having my human around means that Jacey cannot be as playful as she likes to be, which means she does not have as much fun.  But at least she doesn’t have to deal with the ear sticks because she is not a diabetic cat.

My human has made this tolerable, though, with some noms and lots of pats on the head.  So I guess I will keep him around.

How Diabetic Cats Scare Their Humans

Hello, kind humans.  I hope your day is going well.  Today, I gave my human a scare.  We diabetic cats need to have our blood sugar monitored as part of our treatment.  I hate the ear sticks, so this is the part of being a diabetic cat that both my human and I hate the most.  He doesn’t like to torture me, and I don’t like being tortured.

What a blood sample looks like for Bagheera the Diabetic CatBut he explains to me that I must endure this because it’s important for him to keep track of my blood sugar levels. And this morning was a perfect example why.

It’s said that with diabetic cats, a high blood sugar level will kill slowly, but a low one can kill quickly.  So that means that a blood sugar level in the 300s or higher requires treatment but it’s something that can be addressed over time.

A low blood sugar level, though, can kill right away.  So this is a medical emergency.

This morning, my human woke up and got ready to do the normal routine for a diabetic cat like me.  Feed me, test my blood sugar, give insulin.  It looked like it would be just another normal day.

It was not.  My blood sugar level came in a 54.  There is no way my human was going to give me insulin at that level.  Even a small drop in blood sugar due to the insulin would put me in a hypoglycemic condition, which is life threatening.  So he let me eat my food, which has the effect of raising blood sugar levels.Bagheera the diabetic cat relaxing after a better blood sugar reading

My human retested me a couple of hours later, and the blood sugar reading came in at 70.  The food raised my blood sugar like it was supposed to, and he doesn’t have to worry about me going into insulin shock.

Ironically, if you took Jacey’s blood sugar readings, you would find they fall into this range.  This is where the blood sugar readings fall for a non-diabetic cat.

So my human is not going to give me any insulin this morning.  It is very likely that we will see a rebound to a high blood sugar level this evening, but since high blood sugar levels are harmful in the long term and low blood sugar levels can kill right away, that is a tradeoff both my human and this diabetic cat are happy to make.

Blood Sugar Update


Well, lately, the blood sugar readings have been moving around more than we want.  They are not as bad as they used to be, where they would spike into the 500s, but they are above that 300 threshold.

We had a number of good ones, but that ended on yesterday morning.  On the evening of the 18th, we had a blood sugar reading of 236.  But then yesterday morning, it jumped Bagheeraabove to 322.  Last night it was at 321.  And this morning was 351.

I still feel a lot better than I used to, and this is nowhere near where my blood sugar was when I was diagnosed with diabetes.

But this shows the challenges that humans must deal with when they try to keep their feline friend’s diabetes in check.

Diabetic cats are definitely worth it, though.  How can you say no to this face?