Happy Thanksgiving From a Diabetic Cat

“Hey human?”

“Yes, Bagheera?”

“Is today that day where you humanAll This Food Would Be Bad for a Diabetic Cat to Consumes in this country eat lots of turkey and watch lots of football?”

“Yes, Bagheera, today is that day.  It’s one of the few days where we humans get to be like you felines.  We eat a lot, then we get a nap, and then we watch things on a television.  That’s a lot like you watching birds flying around through the window.”

“But you do not want to swat the moving things on that glass, human.  We want to swat the birds.”

“Well, we let other humans do that.  Those pictures we watch are of humans doing a lot more than swatting at each other, believe me.”

“I do not understand you humans sometimes.”

Today, where I live, it is a day to say thank you for things we are grateful for.  Well, I am glad I have a human who takes care of me.  He has always been willing to take care of me when things have come up.  First he adopted me from a rescue group.  Then he got me fixed, which helps prevent lots of problems later.  After that, when my dew claws kept getting ingrown, he paid to have them removed.  And most recently, he has been willing to take care of me even with the additional work being a diabetic cat means for a human. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Grateful for Jacey

I am also grateful that I have other felines to play with.  I have always come into a home where another feline has been there to keep me company so I do not get bored when the human is away.  First there was Pepe, who had to leave us.  And then Jacey came along and finally, we have adopted Marley.  I am very grateful that I have had lots of felines to play with, although sometimes Jacey drives me nuts!

Finally, I am very grateful that you kind humans like hearing stories from a diabetic cat.  I hope I have been able to help you learn more about diabetic cats like me and other special needs cats.  As we enter the holiday season, I hope that you will be able to help some of my fellow felines find the best gift ever — a furever home.