A Blind Feline Finds a Home

Blind Cat Felix

Furiends, you know that Jacey goes to The Cat Cafe with the human when he goes to work. Recently, she told me about a very playful black cat there. It is not unusual to have a playful black cat, but this one is different. You see, this feline, who is named Felix, is blind.

Felix was found on the street, wandering around looking confused. He went to the white coated humans, and they found out that he had a lot of wax built up in his ears. That, combined with him being unable to see, was what caused his confusion. The white coated humans removed the wax and treated his eyes, and Felix showed his gratitude by becoming a happy and playful cat.

Blind Cat Felix
Blind Cat Felix

Felix went to The Cat Cafe, and one of the humans visiting fell in love with him. They took Felix home, and prepared to gradually introduce him to the home. But Felix had other ideas.

Within a few minutes of arriving at his new home, Felix started exploring. Soon, he had scoped out the entire house. And Felix did not like any closed doors, because those meant he was not able to investigate the area behind them. He spent most of the first two days in his new home investigating it, and playing with anything that made noise.

Soon, Felix decided that a crinkle tube would become his home base. He loves to pounce on wrapping paper, paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper. Then, he will bring those, along with his jingle bell toys, into his crinkle tube. And Felix does not like it when his humans put toys in the crinkle tube. He will bat the toy out, and then bring it in later!

Felix is another feline who is showing that just because he is a special needs cat does not mean he is not full of life. He entertains and makes his humans happy every day, and he is enjoying his life. He shows that special needs cats are great felines for the right humans.

Jacey Says Hello

Jacey Sleeping in a Cubby

Hi, everyone. It is Jacey. I have not spoken to you in a long time. It has been hard for me to get to the catputer, because the human keeps it in his office. I have learned how to jump over the wall, but then the human carries me out and plays with me. Then I do not care about the catputer because playing with the human is more fun!

I am happy staying at The Cat Cafe, even though I do miss Bagheera. I also miss getting snuggle up with the human at night. But that is okay. I am having fun. And I like spending time with the human during the day.

Jacey Sleeping in a Cubby
Jacey Sleeping in a Cubby

And I have found many things that are interesting to play on. One of the things I love is that the human has installed many nice things for us felines on the wall. I enjoy getting into one of them and curling up for a nap.

I also like how many people come in and comment on how pretty I am. They love me, and they love petting me. I love to talk to them to tell them how happy I am to play with them.

Koji has been coming to visit, and he is getting much better at leaving me alone. He sometimes pounces on me, but he does not fight back when I fight to get away from him. He just accepts my rabbit kicks as part of the game. I still do not like it, but it is not as bad as it used to be.

Jacey is a Happy Lap Cat
Jacey is a Happy Lap Cat

I am probably going to stay at The Cat Cafe for a while. The human does not have as many cats in there as he likes, and having me around helps people understand us bengal cats better. Plus, it is fun for me to have a lot more room than I had when I was in the bathroom. If Koji learns to behave more, maybe I will come home but until then I am happy and having fun!

Jacey Makes a Move

Jacey Speaks for Bagheera the Diabetic Cat

Hello, furiends. You know that Jacey has been by herself in the bathroom for a while because she does not like Koji. She is such a sweet cat. And the human did not like her being cooped up in the bathroom. It has more space than the 18 square feet of space that is recommended. But Jacey needs room to run and the human wanted to make sure she had it.

So the human decided that he might be able to do something that helps him spend more time with Jacey and that allows her to have more room to roam. This morning, he took her to The Cat Cafe!

You may remember that before The Cat Cafe got adoptable felines in, Jacey and I went there as guest cats. Marley went too, but she did not like it so she went back home.

Jacey at The Cat Cafe
Jacey is at The Cat Cafe

The human tells me that Jacey is in the retreat right now, trying to figure out what she wants to do. But I am sure that once she reacquaints herself with the place, she will be out in the playpen. And I am somewhat jealous of what she will be able to do.

Koji told me that there are many fun things for us felines to climb and explore, and that he especially liked hanging out in one of the cradles on the wall. He also told me there is a palm tree for us felines to relax in.

This sounds like something Jacey is going to enjoy. I do not know if the human will take her in to work and bring her back like he did Koji, or if he will have her stay at The Cat Cafe. But I want my sisfur to be happy. If she stays there, I will make the human keep me up to date on what is happening with her. And if he brings her back at the end of the day, I will talk to her about it myself.