Special Needs Cat Big Daddy

Meet Special Needs Cat Big Daddy

Furiends, as a diabetic cat I am always happy to learn about other special needs cats who have overcome long odds to find humans that care for and love them. Today I want to share with you the story of Big Daddy, whose story has touched many people. I hope you will feel the same way after reading about this.

Meet Special Needs Cat Big Daddy

Big Daddy’s story starts with him living in a feral colony behind a home improvement store in Georgia. He was badly injured and hungry. This poor guy had a wound on his leg and he was unable to walk on it. We felines are nimble and tough, but we cannot catch prey if we cannot walk!

Fortunately for this special needs cat, he was trapped by an organization devoted to caring for feral cats. Their initial plan was to give him the treatment he needed for his wound, neuter him, and return him to the colony.

Those plans changed when Big Daddy showed them that he had clearly spent some time with humans in his past. He would head bonk the humans when they put their hands down to reassure him.

When Big Daddy went to the humans in white coats for treatment, he was diagnosed as FIV positive. Combining Big Daddy’s status as a special needs cat with his pleasant disposition made them decide that he would go to a furever home instead of to the feral colony.

Big Daddy faced a huge challenge in April, when he got an upper respiratory infection. Furiends, these are not pleasant for any cat to deal with, but they are especially challenging for special needs cats. And felines with compromised immune systems like Big Daddy’s have it the worst.

He went from having the sniffles to being unable to eat, breathe on his own, or see in just a few days. Big Daddy was rushed to the humans in white coats, and after intensive care, he was able to recover. It looked like this special needs cat had overcome all of this challenges and could look forward to a happy life full of love with his humans.

Special Needs Cat Big Daddy Relaxing

That was not to be, however. Big Daddy was diagnosed with a nasal lymphoma, which was operated on. And now, this special needs cat has one more battle to win — against cancer. He is due to begin a course of chemotherapy to eliminate any traces of the cancer.

This is a lot for any feline, especially a special needs one with FIV, to endure. But Big Daddy has come through it all and has nothing for love for the humans he lives with. I am hopeful that he will win his battle with cancer and spend a long and happy life with his humans.

Eric’s Sad Story Shows Need to Fix Pets

Happy Caturday, everypawdy.  You know I like to share stories that make you feel better about fellow special needs cats, whether they are diabetic cats like me or just cats who were dealt a bad hand in life but managed to overcome their challenges.  I was hoping to have another story like that to share with you, but it was not to be.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is sad that Eric is goneThis is a picture of one of Lucky‘s fellow rescues.  Eric was a tiny little kitten who had a overcome a lot just to get where he was.

There is a very kind human who owns a barn where she keeps her horses and cows.  It’s farmland, and she doesn’t have her house on the same land.  Unfortunately, irresponsible humans take advantage of this and abandon their unwanted felines and canines here.  She pays to do a trap, neuter, and return on her land, but she doesn’t get all of the animals, and some of them breed before they can be fixed.

This kind human takes care of the unwanted animals, and she finds them homes when she can.  This year, there were many kittens born.  Sadly, many of them got Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is sad that Eric is gonean upper respiratory infection, and it spread rapidly through the colony.  She gave vet care and isolated the kittens when she could, but the disease still claimed many kittens.

Eric was a tough little kitten who survived this infection not just one time, but twice.  He was taken in by same Homeless Animals Rescue Team that took in Lucky.  They noticed that his lungs didn’t sound quite right when they took him in, but he was a typical rambunctious, playful kitten and they hoped that treatment would clear things up.

Sadly, Eric beat the infection twice, but he could not beat it a third time.  And he was in pain, so the kind humans who treated him made the humane decision to let him go.  An adult cat like me, even a diabetic cat, would likely have come through.  But a tiny little kitten has the odds stacked against him.

It is very sad to see Eric go.  BBagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to spay and neuter your pets!ut his story shows how important it is to get your pets spayed or neutered.  In seven years, just one unaltered pair of cats can theoretically produce over 400,000 kittens.  That means there will be thousands of cats that suffer Eric’s fate, and most of them will not get to experience the love and care he did.

In memory of Eric, please get your pets spayed or neutered.  And please share Eric’s story so that others will understand what it means if they don’t.

This diabetic cat is hopeful that sharing Eric’s story will get just a few more humans to get their pets fixed.  That will spare many kittens the same kind of suffering he endured.  Please help!