Let’s Help Lincoln’s Special Needs Brofur

I have shared too many sad stories with you this week.  Here is a happy story about another special needs cat.  He is not a diabetic cat like me, but he has a condition that requires treatment.  And he’s being taken care of Lincoln‘s human, so if anyone can help him, it’s the human who helped a tiny quadriplegic kitten recover and grow into a playful and fun cat.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's fellow Special Need Cat MonetMonet is a four month old kitten who has a very rare condition.  It’s called cutaneous mastocytosis.  If you have an understanding about medicine, you probably figured that this disease has something to do with the mast cells, which are involved in fighting infections.  They do this by releasing histamines, which are often signals to other disease fighting cells that they need to take action against a pathogen.

The problem is that while histamines are great for signalling other cells involved in fighting invaders, they also cause swelling.  And that’s what happens with this condition.  Little bumps form where the mast cells congregate.  Monet is the youngest cat that the human in the white coat who is treating him has ever seen.  It usually takes place in older cats and it usually involves just a limited area on the body versus the entire body.

The good news for Monet is that the disease is limited to the skin.  There was a concern that since it was all over his body, it was a systemic disease and not just limited to the skin.  But tests indicated that Monet’s skin is the only organ that’s affected.

Surgery is normally the treatment and the lesions are removed.  But since these are all over Monet’s body, that’s not an option.  Instead, he will be treated with chemotherapy.  He will get eight doses of chemotherapy drugs, and the side effects fortunately will be very limited.  He will not lose his fur, although the undercoat will thin out and he may lose his whiskers.

This is going to cost Tenth Life a lot of money.  So they will be setting up a place for you humans to donate to help Monet.  The cost of his care will likely be many times bigger than the yearly cost to treat a diabetic cat like me, and that is a lot for an organization like Tenth Life to absorb.

If you want to help right now, before the page is set up, you can donate and tell Tenth Life it’s for Monet’s treatments.  Let’s help this little guy recover from his disease so he can live a long and happy life!